Thursday, December 13, 2012


We introduced several new key features in eLabInventory in eLabJournal's sample management module eLabInventory, including Storage Unit Heatmaps, organization-wide sample search options and improved documentation.

Storage Unit Heatmaps

To get a good overview of available locations to store your samples in, we introduced a new feature called the Storage Unit Heatmap.
The Storage Unit Heatmap forms a visual representation of a storage unit, in which compartments are colored to represent the sample fill percentage. You can now easily find all empty boxes that are colored green, or see which boxes are full. With the heatmap, the desired location to store your samples can now instantly be found!
The Storage Unit Heatmap can be generated in Storage Units or can be viewed in the Inventory Browser under Find Free Location. For more info about generating storage unit heatmaps, please read documentation

Institute Search

To enhance functionality within eLab to organize and share sample information between laboratories, a new functionality is introduced to enable sharing of samples in your institute or organization. For each Sample Type you can now alter the Sharing Settings to enable other labs to search samples in your lab. Find the Institute Search in the Advanced Search. If sample of a sample type are shared with your group, you will be able to find samples stored in other groups. If your lab shares samples of a sample type, other labs can find samples stored in your lab in a similar manner. 
If a sample of interest in found in another lab, the sample owner can directly be contacted for further enquiries without disclosing any lab-specific or confidential sample information including current storage location. For more info on how to set up sample sharing, please read the documentation

Updated Documentation

Finally, we centralized all application documentation and included the option to search the documentation using key words to find any relevant help topic you are looking for. We also created a generic manner to display relevant sections of the documentation in a popup menu. The improved documentation will gradually be introduce throughout the application to improve the ease of use of our software systems. Find our new and improved documentation here

Minor new features and bug fixes:

  • Option in field type File Attachment to show added images directly on the sample form
  • Improved application handling of inventory browser when changing group
  • Fixed bug that displayed wrong message when new group was created
  • Fixed bug that gave an error when requesting an invitation to join a group
  • Fixed bug when changing the compartment numbering when adding a new compartment
  • Fixed bug when generating Excel export file
  • Fixed issue when linked samples were deleted
  • Fixed bug that allowed files to be deleted when linked to a sample in the group files
  • Fixed bug that prevented printing of labels of samples with special characters in the name
  • Fixed bug when using Find Free Location
Read our blog for previously released updates.


  1. Thank you very much for your "bug fixes" ans storage units. By the way, have you ever tried using virtual data room for data storage?

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