Monday, May 7, 2012

eLabJournal - Electronic Laboratory Notebook Now Online!

We are excited to announce the release of the eLabJournal electronic notebook (ELN)! eLabJournal is the first digital notebook that fully replaces your hand-written lab journal and enables you to integrate all digital data you collect in the lab. Read more

eLabJournal offers you and your laboratory many advantages:

  • A centralized system to document all projects, studies and experiments in the lab
  • Standardizes data entry and organizes all collected raw data
  • Easily share data and collaborate in projects, studies and experiments
  • Organizes all samples in the lab with automatic track- and tracing to studies
  • Uses dynamic protocol templates to quickly add experiments and make less mistakes
  • Archives studies, experiments and collected data for many years
  • Work more efficiently and save time to do more research
  • And much more...

Join now and be convinced! For academic laboratories we offer free accounts. Get your free account here. If you are already using eLabProtocols or eLabInventory, you can access your stored inventory and protocols and use them in your experiments. View the demonstration video to learn how to use eLabJournal here


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