Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New eLabInventory Update – User Permissions & Smartphone Apps

We are happy to introduce a new eLabInventory feature: User Roles and Permissions. This feature allows you to enable or disable specific actions within eLabInventory for the members in the lab.

Permissions and User Roles

To give you more flexibility in defining which actions users can and cannot perform within eLabInventory, we completely revamped the old permissions into a fully self-configurable user role based access control system. You can now specifically set the permissions to any action on samples, sample types, storage units and compartments for each user in the lab. By creating a user role you can create groups of users in the lab that should have the same permissions, like students or group-leaders. You can create as many user roles as you like, to adjust the permission system and to customize eLabInventory according to the specifications in your laboratory. In the new permission system it is also possible to have multiple users with the administrator role, that can add or remove members in the group as well as setting their user role. Setting permissions and user roles, can be done under groups if you are an administrator in your group.

Integration of Permissions in the User-Interface

The settings of the permissions is reflected in the presence or absence of buttons in the navigation menus and action toolbars, to keep the interface clean and simple for users with only limited permissions. In other words, if you are not able the view storage units, the button to navigate to storage units is no longer available. Similarly, if users with a certain user role cannot delete samples, the delete button will not be visible in the various toolbar throughout the application. In this way, the permission settings enables to gain complete control of the layout and available actions in eLabInventory.

Migration of the old permission system

As part of the new permission system, we had to migrate the old permissions. By doing so, the old “power user” permission became obsolete and is therefore no longer available. All users that were previously set to power user, are from this moment on automatically set to the administrator permission role, as these two roles were previously almost identical. If you do not want the old power users to have full administrator privileges in your lab, you can downgrade them to the normal user permission, or you can create a new user role (and name it Power User) and specify the exact permissions you want to give the users with this role in your lab.

eLabInventory App

To make it easier to find back samples, the FREE eLabInventory Scanner App for iPhone, iPad and Android is now available here. Install the App and use your smartphone to scan barcode labels (using the build-in camera) to instantly retrieve all up-to-date sample information directly on your smartphone.

For more information about the new permission system or the eLabInventory App, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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