Wednesday, February 15, 2012

eLabInventory scanner now in AppStore

We are please to announce that the eLabInventory App is now available for iPhone and iPad users and can be downloaded now in the Appstore.

The eLabInventory Scanner enables you to scan 2D barcode labels, placed on samples, boxes, drawers and racks. Scan barcode labels to instantly retrieve all up-to-date sample information directly on your smartphone.The eLabInventory App contains a build-in inventory browser to navigate through boxes and select the sample you want to view.

Get started to organize your lab and create your free eLabInventory account here. Download the App and organize the samples in your lab!

Please note that due to limitations of the current iPhone camera, the barcodes needs to be larger than 0.5 inch. For smaller barcodes we offer our stand-alone fully dedicated laser-based Motorola eLabInventory Scanners, that can read even the smallest labels. The Android-based eLabInventory Scanner is already available and can be downloaded here.

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