Friday, July 22, 2011

eLabInventory 1.2 Launched

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory 1.2. We completely redesigned the Inventory Browser and centralized all standard actions in a single toolbar. In addition, we included a number of other new features and improvements.

Redesign of the Inventory Browser

The most prominent new update is an improved Inventory Browser. The new Inventory Browser offers a cleaner user interface with the following changes:

  • A flexible navigation interface that allows users to choose the most optimal view settings
  • An action toolbar to add samples, storage compartments, print labels and search for a free location.
  • Option to toggle between "boxview" and "listview" of samples stored in a box
  • Right-mouse click actions

The new design of the Inventory Browser offers many possibilities for future updates, including bulk actions like moving, editing and deleting samples and storage compartments.

Multiple Compartments and Maximum Compartment Size

To speed up the storage unit configuration, we have included a new feature to add multiple compartments (drawers/boxes etc.) when configuring a storage unit in the Inventory Browser. In addition, it is now possible to set the maximum size of a compartment by right clicking and choosing 'edit'. Setting a maximum prevents the addition of more compartments than physically would fit in your freezers or other storage units.

Minor Improvements and new features

Finally, we added some new features and improvements.
  • Added notifications to 4 new tutorials of eLabInventory
  • Adjusted the sample list layout for samples with long names
  • Added a small keyboard icon to all short- and longtext fields. Clicking that icon allows users to enter special characters and/or symbols
  • Improved advanced search when searching samples between two storage dates
  • Added 'intelligent' compartment numbering when adding new compartments, which if needed can be overruled by the user.
  • Fixed bug that prevented samples without a location to be only accessible by its creator and not by the group administrator
  • Fixed bug that caused greek characters or symbols not properly being displayed

Do you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug? Contact us or let us know via Twitter

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