Thursday, June 9, 2011

Launching eLabInventory 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory 1.1. The new eLabInventory software comprises a number of very exciting new features, several minor improvements and a few bug fixes.

DYMO LabelWriter

We now fully support DYMO LabelWriters 400/450 printers. If you have access to a DYMO LabelWriter 400/450 (either on your own computer or available in your local network) you can now easily print labels from eLabInventory. Text and barcodes are automatically added to labels (for which a multitude of different sizes are available) that are a perfect fit for you samples, freezers, refrigerators, drawers and boxes. Don't have a DYMO LabelWriter 400/450 printer? You can find these printers at your local office supplier for less than 80 euro's.

Read more about how to use your DYMO LabelWriter with eLabInventory.

Motorola Barcode Scanners

We now support Motorola barcode scanners to retrieve information from your samples which have been labeled with a barcode. These barcode scanners work as stand-alone devices that only requires a Wi-Fi based internet connection. In addition to identifying samples in the lab, your can also move samples in and between different places (like freezers) without the need of a computer while maintaining a full audit trail. Barcode scanners pre-installed with eLabScan™ software are optionally provided for your laboratory. Please contact us for more information.

Action Toolbar

To improve the management of your samples, we have added a toolbar that enables you to perform actions on multiple sample at once. Current supported actions include deleting samples and printing labels. In addition, you may transfer samples to another user which than becomes the 'owner'. The action toolbar is available in 'My Samples' and in the 'Advanced Search'.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Added -180 freezer and Storage Rooms as a custom storage location.
  • Optimized and improved the way a custom storage unit is defined.
  • The login name (email address) is now filled in automatically at your next login
  • Bug fix for Internet explorer when cloning a sample that prevented the user from entering the number of clones.
  • Several improvements for handling a double-click, especially when adding new samples.
  • Fixed LinkedIN profile synchronization.
  • Improved export of samples from eLabInventory to Excel.

Do you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug? Contact us or let us know via Twitter

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