Monday, May 2, 2011

eLabInventory Updates and New Features

We recently updated eLabInventory with a few bug fixes as well as some minor changes to improve easy of use of eLabInventory. We cleaned up and moved around some the main navigation menus and updated all documentation. We also introduced the following new features to expand the functionality of eLabInventory for your lab.

Adding Sample Series

Beside the possibility to clone or duplicate samples in eLabInventory, it is now also possible to store sample series. Sample series comprise a group of samples that can be moved, edited and deleted in a single action. Samples in a series are automatically numbered. This enable you to quickly store a batch of collected samples or several obtained clones or isolated plasmid batches.

Searching Free Storage Locations

We have included a new feature to search for free space in a storage units. You can now simply select a freezer or refrigerator or any of the towers, racks or drawers herein and specify the number of samples you want to storeto find a box that can accommodate your samples.

Export of Samples

To retrieve all sample information of the samples stored in eLabInventory, there is now an export option available. Define your search In the advanced search and retrieve all sample by clicking on export.
Found a bug or a suggestion for a new feature, let us know.

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