Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates eLabInventory


eLabInventory has been created to store and organize samples in a group. However in most cases you are just working with your own samples. We have therefore included a My samples section, which displays a list of all your stored samples. Here you can view, edit or delete any of the samples you stored without first navigating to a storage unit. Here we have also included search filters, allowing you to view a lists of all samples filtered by Storage Unit, User, Sample Type or any combination thereof.
We are currently working on an advanced search filter, allowing you to specify a search query by any given content for your defined fields in each sample type. In addition, we will continue to work on improving the user interface to get as close as possible to the 'look and feel' that users in laboratories expect when they are using eLabInventory.

Improving adding and editing Storage Units

We have improved the way how to add and define new compartments in storage units. Once a storage unit has been defined, you now only have 2 options: (1) adding a segment (like a section, a drawer, a shelf or custom compartment) or (2) a sample container like a sample box. In addition, we made it easier to directly define and add new compartments to your storage unit (displayed as a link called ‘compartment not listed?’) in the inventory browser itself. This makes it easy to define and add compartments to existing storage units.

Linking samples

You can now internally link samples. This feature makes it possible to link one or more samples together that are stored in eLabInventory. For instance, a new strain can be linked to the strain from which it was derived. Similarly, a stored PCR product can be linked to the primers and the template from which the DNA was amplified. This will automatically enable you (and others in the lab) to easily track- and trace the origin of the samples stored in the lab. Navigate to Sample Types, click on edit sample type (edit fields) and click on the add new field button to selectt the field type Link to other Samples to include this field in your sample type.


You can now add attachments to samples, like pdf files or sequence files. Navigate to Sample Types, click on edit sample type (edit fields) and click on the add new field button to select he field type File Attachments to include this field in your sample type. Ones defined, you may add attachments to samples that are of that particular Sample Type. All attachments are uploaded to an online group-shared storage space (available under group files) that is only accessible by the members in your group.

Group files

A general issue in labs is the possibility to easily share data in the labs. We have therefore included an online storage space to store and exchange files like manuscripts, presentations, images etc. Navigate to the group menu to and click on Group files. Here you can upload files that can be shared with the members in your lab. All files that are added as attachments to any stored samples are also accessible in group files and vice versa.
Interested in using eLabInventory for your lab? We will soon open eLabInventory for registration! Free accounts for academic labs available. Read more

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