Monday, January 17, 2011

eLabInventory: Online Inventory Management System

We are pleased to announce the release of eLabInventory, the new application of the eLabJournal platform. eLabInventory is a an online Inventory Management System (IMS) designed for life science research laboratories. With this application you can organize, document and share information about all samples, chemicals and/or other items stored in the lab. All information is stored in a central and secured online database that is accessible through our intuitive web interface on

Use eLabInventory, to define storage units, like -80°C- or -20°C freezers, fridges, safety cabinets, cupboard, shelves and sampleboxes, to store samples in. Categorize samples according to predefined sample types like strains, plasmids, cell lines, chemicals, antibodies, RNA- and DNA samples or define a custom sample type for your lab. Storage units and sample types are defined for and shared in a group or lab. All members of the lab can access the information about samples in the lab. Depending on the user permissions set for each individual member in the group, members in the group can view, add, edit and delete samples.

eLabInventory is very flexible, intuitive, easy to implement and affordable by academic labs and small biotech companies. In addition, eLabInventory optionally supports 2D sample barcodes to track- trace samples in the lab and is fully compliant with GLP and FDA guidelines (21 CFR part 11).

Currently, eLabInventory is only available for a selected group of labs. For users in academic labs, we have free accounts as well as high discounts for unlimited use. We anticipate that eLabInventory will be open for registration mid-February. For more info please go to

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