Thursday, December 13, 2012


We introduced several new key features in eLabInventory in eLabJournal's sample management module eLabInventory, including Storage Unit Heatmaps, organization-wide sample search options and improved documentation.

Storage Unit Heatmaps

To get a good overview of available locations to store your samples in, we introduced a new feature called the Storage Unit Heatmap.
The Storage Unit Heatmap forms a visual representation of a storage unit, in which compartments are colored to represent the sample fill percentage. You can now easily find all empty boxes that are colored green, or see which boxes are full. With the heatmap, the desired location to store your samples can now instantly be found!
The Storage Unit Heatmap can be generated in Storage Units or can be viewed in the Inventory Browser under Find Free Location. For more info about generating storage unit heatmaps, please read documentation

Institute Search

To enhance functionality within eLab to organize and share sample information between laboratories, a new functionality is introduced to enable sharing of samples in your institute or organization. For each Sample Type you can now alter the Sharing Settings to enable other labs to search samples in your lab. Find the Institute Search in the Advanced Search. If sample of a sample type are shared with your group, you will be able to find samples stored in other groups. If your lab shares samples of a sample type, other labs can find samples stored in your lab in a similar manner. 
If a sample of interest in found in another lab, the sample owner can directly be contacted for further enquiries without disclosing any lab-specific or confidential sample information including current storage location. For more info on how to set up sample sharing, please read the documentation

Updated Documentation

Finally, we centralized all application documentation and included the option to search the documentation using key words to find any relevant help topic you are looking for. We also created a generic manner to display relevant sections of the documentation in a popup menu. The improved documentation will gradually be introduce throughout the application to improve the ease of use of our software systems. Find our new and improved documentation here

Minor new features and bug fixes:

  • Option in field type File Attachment to show added images directly on the sample form
  • Improved application handling of inventory browser when changing group
  • Fixed bug that displayed wrong message when new group was created
  • Fixed bug that gave an error when requesting an invitation to join a group
  • Fixed bug when changing the compartment numbering when adding a new compartment
  • Fixed bug when generating Excel export file
  • Fixed issue when linked samples were deleted
  • Fixed bug that allowed files to be deleted when linked to a sample in the group files
  • Fixed bug that prevented printing of labels of samples with special characters in the name
  • Fixed bug when using Find Free Location
Read our blog for previously released updates.

Monday, May 7, 2012

eLabJournal - Electronic Laboratory Notebook Now Online!

We are excited to announce the release of the eLabJournal electronic notebook (ELN)! eLabJournal is the first digital notebook that fully replaces your hand-written lab journal and enables you to integrate all digital data you collect in the lab. Read more

eLabJournal offers you and your laboratory many advantages:

  • A centralized system to document all projects, studies and experiments in the lab
  • Standardizes data entry and organizes all collected raw data
  • Easily share data and collaborate in projects, studies and experiments
  • Organizes all samples in the lab with automatic track- and tracing to studies
  • Uses dynamic protocol templates to quickly add experiments and make less mistakes
  • Archives studies, experiments and collected data for many years
  • Work more efficiently and save time to do more research
  • And much more...

Join now and be convinced! For academic laboratories we offer free accounts. Get your free account here. If you are already using eLabProtocols or eLabInventory, you can access your stored inventory and protocols and use them in your experiments. View the demonstration video to learn how to use eLabJournal here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New eLabInventory Update – User Permissions & Smartphone Apps

We are happy to introduce a new eLabInventory feature: User Roles and Permissions. This feature allows you to enable or disable specific actions within eLabInventory for the members in the lab.

Permissions and User Roles

To give you more flexibility in defining which actions users can and cannot perform within eLabInventory, we completely revamped the old permissions into a fully self-configurable user role based access control system. You can now specifically set the permissions to any action on samples, sample types, storage units and compartments for each user in the lab. By creating a user role you can create groups of users in the lab that should have the same permissions, like students or group-leaders. You can create as many user roles as you like, to adjust the permission system and to customize eLabInventory according to the specifications in your laboratory. In the new permission system it is also possible to have multiple users with the administrator role, that can add or remove members in the group as well as setting their user role. Setting permissions and user roles, can be done under groups if you are an administrator in your group.

Integration of Permissions in the User-Interface

The settings of the permissions is reflected in the presence or absence of buttons in the navigation menus and action toolbars, to keep the interface clean and simple for users with only limited permissions. In other words, if you are not able the view storage units, the button to navigate to storage units is no longer available. Similarly, if users with a certain user role cannot delete samples, the delete button will not be visible in the various toolbar throughout the application. In this way, the permission settings enables to gain complete control of the layout and available actions in eLabInventory.

Migration of the old permission system

As part of the new permission system, we had to migrate the old permissions. By doing so, the old “power user” permission became obsolete and is therefore no longer available. All users that were previously set to power user, are from this moment on automatically set to the administrator permission role, as these two roles were previously almost identical. If you do not want the old power users to have full administrator privileges in your lab, you can downgrade them to the normal user permission, or you can create a new user role (and name it Power User) and specify the exact permissions you want to give the users with this role in your lab.

eLabInventory App

To make it easier to find back samples, the FREE eLabInventory Scanner App for iPhone, iPad and Android is now available here. Install the App and use your smartphone to scan barcode labels (using the build-in camera) to instantly retrieve all up-to-date sample information directly on your smartphone.

For more information about the new permission system or the eLabInventory App, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

eLabInventory scanner now in AppStore

We are please to announce that the eLabInventory App is now available for iPhone and iPad users and can be downloaded now in the Appstore.

The eLabInventory Scanner enables you to scan 2D barcode labels, placed on samples, boxes, drawers and racks. Scan barcode labels to instantly retrieve all up-to-date sample information directly on your smartphone.The eLabInventory App contains a build-in inventory browser to navigate through boxes and select the sample you want to view.

Get started to organize your lab and create your free eLabInventory account here. Download the App and organize the samples in your lab!

Please note that due to limitations of the current iPhone camera, the barcodes needs to be larger than 0.5 inch. For smaller barcodes we offer our stand-alone fully dedicated laser-based Motorola eLabInventory Scanners, that can read even the smallest labels. The Android-based eLabInventory Scanner is already available and can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking back on 2011 and looking ahead in 2012

As we are getting closer towards the end of 2011, we feel it is time give you an update of what we have brought to you this year and that you can expect from us in 2012.

Introduction of eLabInventory in 2011

In 2011 we have mainly focused on the development and introduction of eLabInventory in life science research laboratories. eLabInventory is a web-based Inventory Management System that aids labs in organizing specimen and samples stored in the lab. We have successfully introduced eLabInventory in several labs this year and the interest in eLabInventory is growing rapidly. Also, we have received many ideas for new features as well as many suggestions to improve some of the existing functionality in eLabInventory. For this, we want to thank you all! As we did in 2011, we will continue to improve eLabInventory and offer new features to make eLabInventory even more valuable for your lab. More information about which features to expect and when the next eLabInventory update will be released will follow in 2012.

Launching eLabJournal in 2012

Our main aim is to offer companies and laboratories a total and turn-key solution to organize their work in the lab. We will continue to do so in 2012. Therefore we are pleased to announce the long expected release of eLabJournal. eLabJournal is a web-based laboratory information management system that enables scientists to organize their lab work in a digital labjournal. eLabJournal will include, among many other features, full integration of eLabInventory and eLabProtocols. For those interested in eLabJournal and all supported features, there is an eLabJournal Product Tour on our website. As we did with eLabInventory, we offer several beta testing accounts early 2012. Labs interested in testing eLabJournal can contact us to register for a testing account.

New eLabProtocols features

With the integration of eLabProtocols in eLabJournal, we will also introduce several new features to eLabProtocols. Our main goal for eLabProtocols is to make it more intuitive and easy to set up and configure dropdown menus in dynamic protocols. The defined dynamic elements (dropdown menus) serve as an input field for your data input in eLabJournal. More information about when to expect the eLabProtocols update will follow in 2012.

Mobile platform applications

The strong increase of users with smart phones and tablets in the lab did not stay unnoticed to us. For labs using eLabInventory, we have recently developed the eLabInventory Scanner App to scan barcode labels and to retrieve all sample information directly on your smartphone. The App is available in the Android Market and is currently awaiting approval for the Apple App store. We expect its approval early 2012.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your support over the past year! On behalf of our entire team we wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the year 2012!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

eLabInventory scanner now available for your smartphone

We are delighted to announce the availability of the eLabInventory barcode scanner on the smartphone market.

The app eLabInventory Scanner is already available for download in the Android Market.
Apple iOS users have to be patient though, because the app is still in the process of getting approved by the App Store.
eLabInventory Scanner allows you to scan the 2D barcodes labeled onto boxes, drawers, racks, cages etc. to request all the information right at your fingertips.
In addition, the app contains a build-in browser to find details about the samples that are stored in the scanned box.
Please note that due to limitations of your smartphones camera, the barcodes needs to be at least 0.5 inch.
If you need to use a barcode scanner with smaller barcodes,
please have a look at our dedicated Motorola barcode scanner.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New head of ICT

We welcome our new colleague Jens Rasmussen who has joined our team today. Jens is the new head of ICT.